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Ornament 2015 | St. Lorient Fashion Art Gallery

For this solo exhibition, the artist investigates traditional and contemporary variations, relevance and signifiers of ornament. He focuses on extrapolating the essence of adornment, by using mixed media paints on various surfaces and embellishes these. The unpacking of the content relates to fashion models in shop windows of haute couture establishments.

This is a recurring theme in the oeuvre of the artist. He cross-references textiles, beadwork and impasto paint. These indulgent works amplify the synergy between painting, installation, shop front display and Fashion. Detail such as buttons, are reproduced on larger scale thus blurring Function and ornament.

Andre Naude subverts ornament with elegant sabotage. By means of deconstruction, predictable aesthetic is altered. Visual dialogue between various genres, result in Deco - Camouflage. Paloma Picasso, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander Mc Queen converse with Paladino, Jackson Pollock, and Damien Hirst respectively, and in doing this, the artists are signifiers of the contemporary creative process.

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