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Born in Windhoek, Namibia in 1970, where the environment, nature, people and culture made strong impressions on me. I spend most my time in Otjiwarongo, Walvisbaai and my grandparents had a farm in the Kalahari. At present, I live on top of Piketberg Mountain (Piket-Bo-berg) on a beautiful farm. Iíve done sketching and painting from young age and have always been interested in all forms of art, and especially in painting. Iíve had no formal art training and was merely exposed to craft and needlework in Namibia.

Iíve done different artistic careers that developed me to where Iím at at the moment. Everything from dressmaking and designing to interior decorating, signage, design and murals. Since 1998, I moved to painting full-time, in which I find my biggest challenges and inspiration.

My inspirations are changing all the time and I see myself as an eternal student of the arts. I see myself an art scientist who experiments; an art psychologist who analyse myself and the outer world; an art preacher that express my experiences and an art politician that speaks about whatís happening in my inviroment.

"A picture paints eternity; it transcends reason and speaks to the heart Ė without a word. It tells the story of a time and a place and of people Ė of their ways and their feelings; and of my way and my feelings; my life. It says everything on a single page. It fills me with wonder, because it taps directly into the original source of existence, directly into creation."

- Anthea Delmotte