Collin Cole
Cell: 082 924 6673

Recent Work

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Artist Statement

My work is a response to and a reflection of situations and events that occur to and around me.

The work includes personal myths and a strong social narrative.

In my creative work I am interested in exploring the relationship we have to life situations that occur around us, both on a personal level as well as the greater external forces that impact on our reality.

I work in most media i.e. paint, sculpture, printmaking and the digital form which allows me the opportunity to explore using my iconography the intrinsic qualities of each of the media.

I have of late been working extensively in the medium of printmaking using transfer collage both on paper and on plate, dry point, aquatint and hard ground etching.

I am using images that were once impactful and “hard faced” in a historical context. Through the use of my media I am attempting to reawakening the poignant reality of past historical images and contrast them with new contemporary images thus drawing relevant parallels to the cycles of history as swell as situations. It is the idea of the circle with a centre principle where history and events have a way of repeating themselves in a cyclic manor.

The centre of the circle being us and represents the cause and effect of our realities.