Standing child

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Reconnect reevaluate return - 2011
A combination of various types of wood (1300mm x 335mm x 1700mm)

Progression I, II, III - 2007
Jacaranda and African Mahogany

Transforming I, II, III - 2010
Poppelier, Meranti, Mahogany (230mm x 215mm x 1440mm)

Transluciant - 2010
Resin and wood-shavings, copper wire and poppelier (350mm x 350mm x 1220mm)

Universal path I II and III - 2007
(Series of 3 freestanding sculptures)
Jacaranda, Pink beech, Meranti and Rhodesian teak

Treasure hunting - 2006
Obeech and Mahogany wood (480mm x 480mm x 650mm)