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Lessons From... 2012 | Solo exhibition at Association of Arts Pretoria

His works are figurative and deal with the visual modes of expression possible in painting. On the one hand paint can be utilised to function as subordinate to illusionistic representation. On the other hand it can also be used to achieve something other than the conventional representation of reality.

He always enjoyed looking at images and observing how the formal arrangements of elements express various emotions. It is usually the mode of expression that is more interesting than the mere subject content. That is, how the story is told is sometimes more significant than the story itself. He has observed images of Renaissance and other paintings and has been transported by the worlds revealed to him.

As opposed to other contemporary modes of expression, he prefers to paint in the traditional manner. He experiences the act of painting to be exciting and stimulating and an endless source of inspiration. He feels honoured to be participating in the long-standing tradition of painting.

Emanating from this tradition is his use of elements borrowed from other artists, which he regards to be ‘lessons’ by and tributes to them. He treads the world of the masters with respect.

(Association of Arts Pretoria, 2012)

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