Visual Art Auction for Diane Victor


Diane by Fiona Coulridge

The University of Johannesburg through the UJ Art Gallery and the FADA Gallery hosted the second art auction in aid of one of South Africa’s most prominent artists, Diane Victor, who is awaiting an urgent kidney transplant.

Proceeds of the auction will be channelled to an account administered by UJ and will be paid to the medical trust fund in aid of Diane.

Support was generously received from various art galleries and organizations amongst others Absa, Pretoria Art Museum, Johannesburg Art Gallery, Goodman Gallery, Artsource, Artist Proof Studio and The Artist Press. sponsered the digital catalogue and the projection of the artworks on the day of the auction. Ruarc Peffers of Strauss & Co conducted the auction.

Norman Catherine
Title: Storm on the Bosses Farm (1980)
Medium: Offset Lithograph
Size: 55 x 42cm
Sold for: R 8 000

Norman Catherine
Title: Cactus men (2008)
Medium: Digital print
Size: 130 x 114cm (framed)
Sold for: R13 000

Robert Hodgins
Title: Medium with ectoplasm
Medium: Oil on canvas
Sold for: R300 000

Bevan de Wet
Title: Homo Oscillum Cutaneous I (2012)
Medium: Linocut
Size: 197 x 97cm (framed)
Sold for : R15 000

Claudette Schreuders
Title: Close, Close (2011)
Medium: Four colour, chine collé lithograph
Paper size: 38 x 50cm / Image size: 31 x 43cm
Edition size: 35
Sold for: R6 500

Kim Berman
Title: Morning of our future
Medium: Lithograph
Sold for: R8 500

Walter Oltmann
Title: Infant
Medium: Chine collé/letterpress
Paper size: 50 x 63cm / Image size: 29 x 42cm
Edition size: 30
Sold for: R6 500

Conrad Botes
Title: Haunted
Medium: Four colour lithograph
Paper size: 65.6 x 50.7cm / Image size: 56.4 x 42.2cm
Edition size: 30
Sold: R4 800

William Kentridge
Title: The Bird and it’s watcher (2013)
Medium: Linocut
Size: 97 x 77cm
Edition: 30
Sold for: R32 000

Frikkie Eksteen
Title: Capital A (2013)
Medium: Oil and inkjet print on canvas
Image size: 60 x 40cm
Sold for: R15 000

Helena Hugo
Title: The tough cookie
Medium: Pastel and enamel paint on board
Size: 80 x 80cm
Sold for: R19 000

Joni Brenner
Title: Skull series (2012)
Medium: Watercolour
Size: 46,5 x 40cm
Sold for: R7 000

Jeanette Unite
Title: HEADGEAR: 5 Kilometres Under (2011)
Medium: Hand-worked print
Paper size: 71 x 45cm (framed)
Sold for: R5 500

Richard Penn
Title: Field of View IV
Medium: Pen on paper
Sold for: R3 800

Wim Botha
Title: Dragon (2012)
Medium: Linocut
Size: 202.2 x 115.6cm
Sold for: R25 000

Karin Preller
Title: Amanzimtoti, 1960s (2013)
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 50 x 35cm
Sold for: R 6 500

Diane Victor
Title: Disasters of Peace: Like shooting fish in a barrel
Medium: Etching and aquatint
Size: 30 x 35cm (framed)
Sold for: R8 000

Pauline Gutter
Title: In a Moment
Medium: Charcoal on fabriano
Size: 70 x 50cm
Sold for: R9 500