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“Profile” (2010)

The work is an installation consisting of a framed image (dimensions 64 x 60 cm unframed), chair with pillow (with same print as framed image), and table with notebook computer displaying interchanging Facebook profiles.

I seem to have an inherent narcissism which manifests itself in this strange but somehow digitally expanded world we find ourselves in today. This work explores this self-publication encouraged by social networking mediums such as Facebook. Digital photography allows for instant image gratification and the internet for instant distribution. There is no limit to the amount of pictures that can be created and uploaded. Images are constantly produced and replaced but also remains in the digital sphere for reusing. It serves not only as self documentation but almost eternalising existence as images can remain relatively indestructible in the database of cyberspace. One can seize to exist but your Facebook account will still be on view.

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