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Franschhoek Literary Festival

19 May 2018

Tsunagari - The Harrison Collection of Japanese Art
This selection of fine calligraphy and paintings covers 400 years of Japanese art and also
focuses the viewer's attention on how Japanese culture has shifted since 1868 when it became accessible to the outside world.
Unorthodox: Prison Boxing - Warren Baynes
Warren Baynes presents a series of striking images which offer the viewer
a portal into the world of crime, punishment and rehabilitation for the offenders at Drakenstein Correctional Facility.  For these prisoners, boxing offers a way out
from the indoctrination of South African gang culture and violence.
Shifting Tides - Churchill Ongere
Kenyan artist Churchill Ongere’s debut exhibition in South Africa features a collection of highly original ink drawings on paper.  In these works Churchill comments on the ever-changing landscape of global power structures and tensions in our modern world, specifically relating to recent political changes in Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and the United States.

Participating: Various artists


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