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Potter of the month: Lisa Liebermann

7 October 2018

Regarding the theme of the exhibition, FATE & FREE WILL, Lisa Lieberman states:  “Pottery making is an ideal example of how these two concepts interplay:  there is the intention of the potter (the artist’s will) working with whatever possibilities and limitations present.  Fate can be defined as the development of events outside of a person’s control.”  
“We all have certain things that control us, like puppets, and certain things that we control, like puppeteers.  Like Geppetto, the things we conceive and control eventually turn into real things with choices of their own.  The idea of the puppet and the puppeteer can also be linked to cause and effect; the strings we pull cause the puppet to move”.
“However, in the end it is nature that controls mankind.  The intrinsic nature of all things should be sought out in life and some attempt made to work with these forces, not to merely dominate them.  A successful potter does this and in some sense we are all potters and pots made by the great Creator.”

Participating: Lisa Liebermann


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