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Abolition and the interchange of time

For Sale Project Dual Exhibition 2018

Last year the For Sale Project Group Exhibition featured a group of six artists from various academic institutions in Tshwane: the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), the University of Pretoria (UP) and the University of South Africa (Unisa). Two of the featured artists, Danna Margo and Sello Letswalo, sold the most artworks during the exhibition, which speaks to the core aim of this exhibition series. These two artists have been invited to feature in this year’s instalment of the exhibition series.  
Over the past months Letswalo and Margo have been working on a body of more than 40 artworks between them. Their choice of medium and theme differs significantly. Margo works with the experimental medium of ink and glue, sometimes working with motifs of popular historical pieces in Western art history but distilling them with this volatile medium in order to render them anew. Her artworks, either as paintings or photography representative of this unpredictable medium, challenge the static nature of painting at a chemical level when one moves beyond the content.
Linkages can be made between the two artists at a chemical basis of their respective media’s behaviour if not at thematic preoccupation. In tackling issues that affect albinos, Letswalo paints on untreated rusted steel. The visitor to the exhibition will find it interesting to see some collaborative works between the two artists, wherein these dissimilar mediums that skew tradition are pitted against each other to reveal possibilities of a new direction in painting. The For Sale Project strategic team is happy to present a new body of work to the public. 

Participating: sello letswalo and danna margo


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