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Um dia todos fomos peixes (One Day We Were all Fish)

24 November 2018

For his first solo exhibition on the African continent, Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto will exhibit a series of new works alongside his large scale immersive sculpture Um dia todos fomos peixes (One Day We Were all Fish). Originally commissioned for the Blueproject Foundation in Barcelona, the installation is an abstracted representation of a giant fish, filling an entire room in a knitted blue net scented with aromatic spices and inviting visitors to be present and relax into the atmosphere created by the work.
‘Neto devotes his art to creating new rituals that bring us closer to the nature that emerges from us through touch, by feeling attentively, breathing deeply and paying close attention to our bodies' - Laura Olea Lopez, curator at Blueproject Foundation.

Participating: Ernesto Neto


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