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Female fluidity: Feminist explorations in watercolour

The feminist philosopher, Elizabeth Grosz suggests that socially defined categories have encoded women’s bodies with a sense of uncontrollability and indeed volatility: She states that “the female body has been constructed not only as a lack or absence but with more complexity, as a leaking, uncontrollable, seeping liquid; as formless flow; as viscosity, entrapping, secreting; as lacking not so much or simply the phallus but self-containment – but rather a formlessness that engulfs all form and threatens all order.” 
In my watercolours I employ the viscosity and fluidity of watercolour in order to embrace female fluidity and to comment on the relentless disciplining of the female body that comes to the fore in the form of media representations of ideal beauty.  I am interested in the unstable incomplete female body as juxtaposed to the idealized and static body endlessly portrayed in visual culture.  For this reason, I purposely selected watercolour as both metaphor for its fluidity and its material ability to be manipulated into formlessness referencing abjection as subversive device.  In this way, the visual form of the female body in my paintings is rendered unpredictable, open-ended and balances on the uncertain edge of surface and depth, articulation and incompletion.
I am interested in this uncertainty because it’s the place where anything might emerge… 

Participating: Thelma van Rensburg


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Annelise Bowker Art Studio Exhibition

Participating: Various artists

Opening: Sunday 27 January 2019 - 13 February 2019

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