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Broad Borders

'Broad Borders' interrogates the complexities of migration. Her body of work examines how the physical, legal, religious, socio-political bodies and countries of the world have been defined on the past, and how they can be reimagined in the present.
Amarachi will also be exhibiting a collection of her recent works with narratives that connect art and human interactions. Her work straddles abstraction and figuration characterised by deep engagement with colour and gestural brush strokes.
Among her work is the passport number miniature series is inspired by the common 'Ghana must go' bags (as it is called in some parts of West Africa) as a visual metaphor for the allegory of African migrants. It is a checkered plastic bag with a long historical and political history in migration in West Africa and the world at large. She made the checkered design with texts/numbers/passport numbers... which represent endless queues of impending migrants yearning for an economic utopia.
These miniature series raise conversations on migration issues, the need for increased awareness creation and advocacy of the mutually beneficial nature of migration policies.

Participating: Amarachi Kelechi


Address: 47-49 Geartmore Street, Woodstock.
Tel: 021 447 9699



Participating: Various artists

Opening: Tuesday 22 January 2019 - 26 February 2019

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