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Pictures at an Exhibition

Modest Mussorgsky composed his most famous work Pictures at an Exhibition in 1874. The suite consists of 10 pieces and they are his musical illustrations of 10 works by the Russian architect, designer and artist Viktor Hartmann on a retrospective exhibition of more than 400 of his works in St Petersburg earlier in that year.
With the exhibition Pictures at an Exhibition in the Liebrecht Gallery, three artists add another layer by painting pictures of Mussorgsky’s musical pictures of 10 Hartmann works. Ydi Coetsee, Rachelle Hugo, and Sharon Moses – members of a new generation of artists with growing reputations working in traditional media – present 10 visual interpretations each of the 10 pieces of Mussorgsky’s work: The Gnome, The Old Castle, Tuileries (Children’s Quarrels after Games), Cattle, Ballet of Unhatched Chicks, Two Jews, The Market, Catacombs, The Hut on Hen’s Legs (Baba Yaga), and The Bogatyr Gates. These 30 works by three artists are therefore pictures of pictures of pictures.

Participating: Ydi Coetsee | Rachelle Hugo | Sharon Moses


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