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Three Exhibitions

4 December 2018

Daniel Naudé | A Decade of Seeing
For a decade, South African photographer Daniel Naudé has practised capturing and perfecting moments of stillness in nature. In his latest exhibition, A Decade of Seeing, he shows a critical selection of works from his past projects and his latest, never before seen works of Xhosa cattle on the shore of the Eastern Cape of South Africa (2018).
Martin Barnes, senior curator of photography at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, observes that each of Naudé's photographs is “a shared moment in time, one in which the animal and the human seem at once named and yet nameless, specific and yet universal. There is a mutual "now-ness" to this collection of arresting human-animal gazes, mediated by the camera. In total, they read like a remarkable series of ecstatic, intensified meeting points in which we query what it means to be alive, locked in momentary register with another sentient being.”
ZOO | The last works by David J. Brown
'ZOO' is an exhibition of the last works produced by renowned sculptor David J. Brown before he died in 2016.
The collection has been put together by Brown's wife, Pippa Skotnes; his brother-in-law, John Skotnes; and Martin Wilson.
Pippa will be saying a few words in his honour at the opening, at 19:00. A new book about Brown's life & work will be available from the gallery.
Vusi Khumalo | 20 Years On
Having returned to South Africa from political exile in 1992, Vusi Khumalo became fascinated with the burgeoning shanty towns that mushroomed around the urban centres of South Africa. Khumalo set about reconstructing these explosions of humanity, using the very materials that

Participating: Daniel Naude | David J. Brown | Vusi Khumalo


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Sounding the Void, Imaging the Orchestra V.1

Participating: Various artists

Opening: Thursday 6 June 2019 at 18:00

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