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20 January 2019

The  Medulla of a tree is its pith, a fragile first phase of its form, it’s centre, the  line drawing of its shape.
‘The works are a result of contemplation of  origin , of  family and milieu.
Visual reference was drawn from family photos  dating from the 1920’s and 30’s. The works are executed in wood and bronze. 
In one series, I replicate the Bark of the tree limbs in bronze for the  purpose of preserving its beauty.  The bronze bark then partly surrounds and protects the carvings.
In another series on this exhibition, I cast bronze analogues  of wooden carvings  to juxtapose  impression and memory through the way  light behaves on the surfaces of the  sculptures.
After Sorting through  family photos  dating from the 20’s to 30’s my mother  gave me a selection of images of unknown people and  said  I should use these as references for  sculpture . The people in the photos could not be placed as direct family, possibly they were friends of the family or more distant relations. Thus, branches of family that are unknown to me.
What was interesting to me was the pose of the subject and  in certain cases the recurring way in which some of the subjects were presented. Certain chance elements such as what is now called  ‘photo-bombing’  were also present. The candid  and economical compositions were  refreshing  to the Instagram-age eye.’ 
- Kobus la Grange

Participating: Kobus la Grange


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