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Christ and the other person

17 January 2019

Father Frans Claerhout's famous series, Christ and the other person, is currently exhibited at Oliewenhuis Art Museum.
This series of paintings will be on display in the Annex hall on the top floor of Oliewenhuis Art Museum until 24 February 2019.
Claerhout explained this particular series as follows: "The series of Christ and the other person is a meditation of Christ and People.  What Christ is, cannot be found in research by the human mind. He was HUMAN - with and for man.  I feel I do not know much about him, but what I know and feel, that I like.
Faith is to be delightfully underage, expectantly. Christ is the same in all his encounters with people, but each time different.  A Man for all seasons. He stirred the heart of all people and in this series are a few [of these people].
For the people that we know through the Gospel, who met Christ, He was man, prophet, something grand, an outcast, a sinner, love, forgiveness;  always an emotional sensation, visible and palpable.
Almost all thinking people need other people - it is the beauty but also the tragic of man. The medium here is paint. Color - line ... the meditation is bound to the Evangelical text, it is the source. -ism is just one medium. 
I hope that, with reference to the Gospel text, the 21 paintings will bring us love and growth. The last picture is the secret of faith: Christ alone. Who is the other person, me, you, us? "
Claerhout was born in 1919 in Pittem, Belgium and came as a Catholic priest to South Africa in 1946, where he worked from 1948 with mission stations in the Free State. In the 1950s he began painting and continued doing so until shortly before his death in 2006. Claerhout was also one of a group of artists, writers and collectors who established an art association in the Free St

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