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Taunting Reality

2 March 2019

Reality is governed by rules and fixed measures that simply don't work when trying to change it. Thus reality is (reality) in that it's too real for my mind to exist in, so I try to Taunt it by extending my thought process before it exists in the real world. The depictions of what I create occur in this world, but they thrive in another invisible plane untouched or influenced by human nature. My inspiration for this exhibition was my open-mindedness when it comes to everything. 

Participating: Daniel Eugene Botha


Address: 86 Skilpad Road, Monument Park, Pretoria
Tel: 012 346 0710


Grayz Coffee Shop and Eatery
CatzRus Annual Cat Art Exhibition 2019

Participating: Various Artists

Opening: Saturday 3 August 2019 at 09:00 - 4 August 2019

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