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Genesis of a Garden

2 March 2019

In a masterful interplay between text and brushstroke, Elise Buitendag – Lowveld botanical expert, author and artist – has combined her unique talents as raconteur and artist to produce a book and series of artworks that beautifully celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the Lowveld National Botanical Garden.
Mpumalanga’s White River Gallery is proud to showcase the work of this inspiring woman at a book launch and art exhibition on 2 March 2019 at 12 noon.
Elise’s coffee table book, ‘Genesis of a Garden’, contains wonderful anecdotes of the botanical garden’s first 12 years and a series of her nature studies. Recording her memoirs as the first botanist involved with the inception of the garden, Elise recalls with warmth and sincerity a personal account of the development of the gardens during the years 1969 to 1981.
The botanical art included in ‘Genesis of a Garden’ was produced over a 50-year period and captures South Africa’s national botanical heritage in a prolific and colourful display, true to the diverse abundance of South African flora.
Drawing on perspectives that reflect close detail, often against a backdrop of distant hills and plains, her paintings present an intensely informative view of species in their surroundings.
“When painting, I cannot separate myself from the miracle of life, especially plant life – their silent energy and their togetherness in a kind of competitive equilibrium,” says Elise.
Elise started her career as a botanical officer at the Botanical Research Institute in Pretoria (1962-1964). After a year at Grootfontein Agricultural College (Middelburg, Cape), she and her husband Carel moved to the Lowveld where she worked for 12 years as botanist at the Lowveld National Bo

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