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Light Conversations

7 March 2019

By exploring the Permanent Collection, The Oliewenhuis Art Museum Guides creatively assembled an exhibition that is unconventional in its approach in that it by shares an honest reflection on the challenges young and emerging artists, such as themselves, face as they strive for success in the world and the art scene.
The Art Museum Guides of Oliewenhuis Art Museum curated this exhibition with artworks sourced from the museum’s permanent collection. The curators resonated with rarely exhibited artworks from acclaimed artists such as Dumile Feni, Pippa Skotnes, Norman Catherine, Judy Woodborne and Lucas Sithole to convey a narrative that could be associated with the different emotions the emerging artist might experience.
The curators understand and experience the difficulties and doubt they address in Light Conversation, and subsequently chose to focus the exhibition on the journey of an artist. To focus on the creator of artworks and not his or her products is to invite a conversation about a topic that, though hardly ever discussed past the surface, is unexpectedly layered. Artists not only have to adapt to the challenges of life after university like their peers, but also experience the extra pressure of having no guaranteed employment in their field of study. They live with a different set of fears: that of failure to use their talents or a loss of artistic integrity should they decide to buy into success by masking their voice and vision to fit into trends in the art scene.

Participating: Various artists


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