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“Hugo's realistic accuracy transcends conventional notions of realism not so much because of her technical ability, but because her paintings and drawings of people somehow capture the essence of each particular subject and the very essence of what it is to be human.” - Peter Machen

Helena Hugo is essentially a portrait artist who prefers to portray those individuals who are often overlooked or taken for granted. Her subject matter ranges from portraits of South African Labourers to, more recently, studying the effects which the age old pseudo science called physiognomy still has on our society

In her “working portraits” Hugo aimed to bring to the viewer’s attention the significance of every job and the role it plays in a society presenting the workers of our country to the viewer as individuals with reconsidered status and importance. In her more recent portraits, she asks the question: In what measure do we still let ourselves be influenced today by preconceived ideas laid down by a set of society bound rules for measuring appearance – a system that may actually determine our opinions of people?