Jenna Burchell Songsmith (Bangor City) 2015 | | Art in South Africa
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Songsmith (Bangor City) | Public intervention, 2015

Songsmith (Bangor City) repairs three sites in Bangor City, Wales. The songsmith in this public intervention are titled after their site names; Garth Pier, Bangor University, and Bangor Cathedral. Their song is created through Burchell’s ‘Sound of Place’ process involving the everyday citizens who navigate their understanding of home, land, memory and culture in relation to each site. These sounds were captured during Burchell’s month long residency in Bangor city during which she inhabited each site. Songsmith Bangor City was temporality installed and exhibited during 2015.

Songsmith (Bangor City) was commissioned by Soundlands and was sponsored by Arts Council Wales, The National Lottery, Bangor Cathedral, Bangor University, City of Bangor Council and Ross S Morgan. Sound was mastered in collaboration with the local acousmatic musician Alex Baily.

Garth Pier soundscape


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This songsmith traces the memories, moments and stories of the characters and events that connected to the pier over time since its construction in 1896.

Bangor University soundscape

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A haunting song of memory that stretches back into the birth of the university. This Songsmith traces the oral history of the disenfranchised slate miners in Bethesda. Against all odds, these miners gave a portion of their small wage, every month, to build the university, so that their children could have a better life then they did.

Bangor Cathedral soundscape

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In the 6th century there was a simple wooden fence called a ‘bangor’ that was built around a small monastery. Today it stands as a stone wall, soaked in the prayers and song of thousands who have visited the site over the centuries, this song tells of the birth of Bangor City.

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