Jenna Burchell Songsmith (The Great Karoo) 2018 | | Art in South Africa
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Songsmith (The Great Karoo) | Permanent installation, 2018

Courtesy of Artist

Songsmith (The Great Karoo) represents a moment in time 250 million years ago when an extinction level event occurred. This left behind a ghost-like mark on the earth visible in The Great Karoo. Along this extinction horizon of fossilized volcanic ash, Burchell walked like a later day pilgrim searching for fractured rocks.

Songsmith (The Great Karoo) resides permanently at Spier Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The earth here is landscaped to form ‘dunes’ around the twelve artworks, seating the artworks into the land. The dunes allow the audience to spend time on site, resting against the grassy banks.

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