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Kay Potts is an American sculptor living and working in South Africa. Figurative and architectural elements dominate her visual vocabulary. Her bronze sculpture deals conceptually with the pathways hidden in our minds and the fears that prevent us from following them.

Professional Experience
2001 Guest Lecturer, St. Mary's Diocese School for Girls, Pretoria South Africa
1999Guest lecturer Sculpture and Foundry techniques, Fine Arts UNISA, Pretoria, South Africa
1997-Present Co-Director, Boudiccea Productions cc. - South Africa
1994-Present Freelance Consultant, Metal Chasing and Structures, Specialising in welding and fine texture reconstruction.
Clients include:
  • Art Casting BVBA (Art Foundry) Oudenaarde, Belgium
  • Tashiko Takeazu (Artist) Mercerville, New Jersey, USA
  • Douglas Oleson (Architect) San Fransisco, California, USA
  • Gyuri Hollosy (Artist) New Hope New Jersey
  • USA,Roland DeSerrano (Artist/Jeweler) Moeskroen, Belgium
  • Octave Landuyt (Artist/ Royal Jeweler) Oudenaarde, Belgium et al
  • 1993-1995 Teaching/Production Staff, Metal Chasing and Structures, The Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture, Mercerville, New Jersey
    1993 Visiting Artist and Guest Critic, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
    1992 Guest Lecturer for the Cincinnati Public School System, Sherwood Elementary School, Cincinnati, Ohio
    Technician and Assistant for Douglas Oleson, Health Professions Building Installation, Cincinnati, Ohio
    1991-1992 Foundry Technician, Casting Arts and Technologies, Cincinnati, Ohio
    General Shop Technician, Pigasus Productions, Cincinnati, Ohio
    1991 Kharkov friendship park Design Charrette, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
    Artist Assistant for Ellison Miller, Tangeman Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
    Artist Assistant for Antoinette Rosato, C.A.G.E. Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
    1990-1992 Research and Technical Assistant, Professor Linda Einfalt, Univiversity of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
    Sculpture Department Maintenance Monitor, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
    1990 &1991 Mold-making demonstrations and lectures for Introductory and Advanced Sculpture Students, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
    1989-1992 Foundry Teaching Assistant and Monitor under Farron Allen, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
    1989 Sand Casting Presentation of Bronze Casting for the Mid-America College Art Association, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
    1987-1988 Arts, Crafts, & Play Student Worker, Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

    1993 Nomination for the Career Advancement of Visual Artist's Program, National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts, Miami, Florida
    1992-1993 Tuition Grant, The Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture Mercerville, New Jersey
    1992 Three Arts Fund Cash Grant for Excellence, Three Arts Fund, Cincinnati, Ohio
    Best of Show Cash Award, "The 16th Annual Competition Show", Arts Consortium, Cincinnati, Ohio
    Outstanding Graduating Senior for the College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
    Outstanding Senior for the School of Fine Arts, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
    National Gold Key Honor Society, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
    1988-1992 School of Art Dean's List, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
    1991 Best Feature Award, for a Sculptural Timeline, Kharkov Friendship Park Design Charrette, Cincinnati, Ohio
    1990 Dean's List, Instituto Gould c/o Kent State University, Florence, Italy
    1989 National Dean's List, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
    1988 Who's Who Among American College Student's, National Publication

    2002 People, Planet & Prosperity, Pretoria Arts Assoc. Pretoria & ABSA Gallery, Johannesburg
    Journey of the Cross, Tina Skukan Gallery
    "Landscape" Old Arts gallery, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa
    Printmaker's Guild Easter Show, PTA Arts Assoc. Pretoria
    Commission, S. Steyn, Vereeniging, South Africa
    Works permanenetly carried at:
  • The Art Gallery, PTA; Chris Tugwell Gallery, Kosmos & PTA;
  • PTA Arts Assoc. PTA; Cherie DeVilliers Gallery, JHB;
  • Old Arts Gallery, PTA
  • 2001 Aardklop Nasionale Kunstefees, Kuns Sirkel, Potchefstroom, South Africa,
    Kunskafee, Kyknet Art Special, Story about sculpture and foundry Boudiccea Productions cc
    "Equus" Pretoria Arts Association, Pretoria ,South Africa
    "Unframed" Tina Skukan Gallery, Faerie Glen, South Africa
    Clarence Kunstefees, Clarence, South Africa
    "Femina" Pretoria Arts Association, Pretoria, South Africa
    Pecanwood Golf Estates, Hartbeespoortdam, South Africa
    House of Art Inagural Show, Pretoria South Africa
    Work displayed, Pretoria Arts Association Pretoria, South Africa
    Work displayed, Old Arts Gallery
    2000 Christmas Exhibition, PTA AA Pretoria South Africa
    Little Red Riding Hood, Group Show PTA AA, Pretoria South Africa
    Group Show, Frieda Van Schalkwyk Art Consulting, Pretoria, South Africa
    Work displayed, Old Arts Gallery Pretoria, South Africa
    Commission, J. Sacco
    Hopatcong, NJ, USA
    Commission, H. Weiner Johannesburg, South Africa
    1999 Inaugural Show, State Theatre Art Gallery Pretoria, South Africa
    Group Show, Architectural Collaboration, Pretoria South Africa
    Commission, J. Reeves, New York, NY USA
    "Reynard the Fox & other Foxtrot Stories - Belgian Folklore and Contemporary Mythology" Tina Skukan Gallery, Fairy Glen, PTA, South Africa
    "Inaugural Exhibition" Gallery Vos, Pretoria, RSA
    Permanent display and addition, Zona Boschoff, Brooklyn ,RSA
    "Art & Life" State Theatre Gallery, Pretoria, RSA
    Multiple Private Residence showings and commissions.
    1998 Pretoria News Lifestyle Expo, Cornwall Hill Estates, Irene, South Africa
    "10th Anniversary Exhibition", Frieda Van Schalkwyk Art Consulting, Guild Gallery, Pretoria, South Africa
    Trap der Jugd, Sculpture Shown in conjunction with JATO's "Agter Gesloten Deure", Johannesburg, South Africa
    Private Residence Show, Johannesburg, South Africa
    1997 "7th St. International Exhibition" IASG (Corcoran Sponsored), Washington, DC, USA
    1996 Koninlijke Kunst Acadamie (Royal Academy of Art), Oudenaarde, Belgium
    1995 Semantics Gallery, Group Show, Cincinnati, Ohio
    1993 C.A.G.E. Gallery, Two Person Show, Cincinnati, Ohio
    "App-Art", Extension Gallery, The Johnson Atelier, Mercerville, New Jersey
    1992 "16th Annual Competition Show", Arts Consortium, Cincinnati, Ohio
    "Works at the Machine Shop", Group Show, The Emery Arts Building, Cincinnati, Ohio
    "Interperspective: Sculpture by K. Potts", Solo Show, 840 Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
    "Works from the Foundry", 840 Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
    "DAAP Senior Show", University of Cincinnati, Wolfson Building, Cincinnati, Ohio
    1991 "Recent Works", Group Show, 840 Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
    "DAAP 1991-1992 Bulletin", Sculpture chosen for cover art, Cincinnati, Ohio
    1990 "Fifth Annual International Exhibition of Miniature Art", Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia
    "Women's Eye, 3-D", Carnegie Arts Center, Covington, Kentucky
    "Mud-fest" Sculpture provided for an Earthday Celebration, Alms Lawn, Cincinnati, Ohio
    "Melting Point", Group Show, 840 Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
    1989 "Artist's Environment," Group Show, 1313, Cincinnati, Ohio
    "Scratch-n-Sniff Art Buffet", Group Show, 840 Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
    1988 "Bouquet", Group Show, Krohn Conservatory, Cincinnati, Ohio
    1987 "Class Act", Group Show, Kilbourne Facilities, Worthington, Ohio

    Private Collections
  • The Baroness de Garcey de Gomery, Mullem, Belgium
  • The Atlantic Engineering Corp., Eke, Belgium
  • Dr. and Mrs. M. Kolter, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Ms. Ellison Miller, Raleigh, NC
  • Dr. Jan Shapter, Omaha AR;
  • Mr. Thomas Liddy, San Francisco, CA
  • Ms. Wies Schiettecate, Ghent, Belgium
  • Ms. Julie Sacco, Hopatacong, NJ
  • Ms. Victoria Gatlin, Atlanta, GA
  • Ms. B, Swart, JHB, RSA
  • Mdm. E. Peroux, Lille, France
  • Ms. Mijung Kim, Tokyo, Japan; et al.
  • Education and Certifications
    1994 New Jersey State Vocational Education Teaching Certificate, Mercerville, New Jersey
    1992-1993 Apprenticeship at The Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture. Studying technical procedures and aspects of cast and fabricated metal. Completed and certified, Mercerville, New Jersey
    1988-1992 University of Cincinnati, Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree, Cincinnati, Ohio
    1990 Instituto Gould, Kent State International Program, Six Month Art History Program, Florence, Italy
    1988 Ohio State University, Studying Cultural Anthropology, Columbus, Ohio
    1987 University of Cincinnati, Studying Biology/Pre-medicine, Cincinnati, Ohio

    Technical Skills
    Sculpture: Welding (TIG, MIG, Oxy-fuel)
  • Soldering
  • Fabrication - plastics, wood, stone, cement, ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Face and body moulds
  • plaster waste and piece moulds
  • Polyurethane resin moulds
  • Rubber moulds
  • Pneumatic equipment and tools
  • Ceramic body and glaze formulation
  • Etching- glass, metal, acrylic sheet
  • Fiberglas lay-up and resin casting
  • Tool making
  • Chasing and finishing work.
  • Foundry: Casting- Iron, silver, copper, bronze, aluminium, pewter, Britannia metal, Lost wax investment method, Ceramic shell, Sand casting, Centrifugal Casting, Construction and maintenance of kilns, furnaces, cupolas, and cupolettes, Equipment - fabrication, maintenance and repair, Alloy composition.