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Louis Olivier is a sculptor based in Johannesburg. Born in 1976, in Vereeniging, he grew up in Bethal in Mpumalanga. He graduated with a degree in Information Technology from the University of Pretoria in 1998. His art explores the condition of man, our existence and the question of the after life and mortality. He works in various media such as sculpture, drawing and installations. He uses the body as a platform for the known, the unknown, the invisible, the tangible and the mystery of humanity where the viewer can reflect the space we live in flesh and spirit.

Olivier's sculpture and drawings deconstructs the figure, investigating the pieces individually then reconstructs the form with a variety of materials, playing on the physical and material environment in which we find ourselves. Moulds are used from "life casts" and reconstructed within a limited space. He is not interested in the exterior figure but what fills the interior, especially the hidden sections of the body. The mystery of the unknown is an important part of the investigation and it is only when the piece has been completely reworked that the answer can be found.

Olivier worked in the IT field for three years and then made a dramatic career change in 2001, to work as a fulltime artist. The challenge of using the traditional figure, creates a sense of anxiety in the artist. "There is temptation to move to other topics but I do not feel I have given the subject thorough investigation, so I continue in the quest," explains Olivier.

The artist has done corporate commissions for Sasol and Rand Merchant Bank. He created the Sandton Benchmark Project which consists of two life size bronze figures sitting on a public bench. In 2009, Olivier formed part of the Artspace Mentor-ship Program and was mentored by the established artist Wilma Cruise. He now lives and works in Johannesburg after moving his studio from Pretoria in 2012 to establish Workhorse, a bronze foundry and art studio.