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Art History Quiz

Q1: Who painted "Starry Night?"

Q2: Which 19th century art movement is characterised by small, thin, and visible brush strokes and would include the work of Claude Monet?

Q3: In Holbein`s The Ambassadors, among a lot of symbols and clues there is a funny shape on the floor, at the two men`s feet. What is it?

Q4: What culture is credited with producing the first ceramics?

Q5: Which French Impressionist painter was famous for his studies of ballet, horse racing, and young women working?

Top Art History Players

1. kamo - 2920 points

2. Tanya Bethell - 2740 points

3. Ilse Fourie - 2000 points

4. Tracey L - 800 points

5. Ingrid Vorwerk Marren - 540 points

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