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South African Art Quiz

Q1: Who was the creator of the quirky Fook Island - island of the imagination concept?

Q2: Who was the first black artist to be formally exhibited in South Africa at the Selbourne hall, Johannesburg in 1938?

Q3: Which South African artist is known to collaborate with famous musicians such as David Bowie, Brian Eno, Dave Matthews and Arno Carstens?

Q4: Who was commissioned to create nationalistic panels for the Johannesburg Railway Station?

Q5: In which year did Gerard Sekoto hold his first solo exhibition?

Top South African Art Players

1. D J Daubrrmann - 120 points

2. Thabo - 100 points

3. Retha - 100 points

4. Philip van Emmenis - 80 points

5. Judy jordan - 60 points

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