Rosemary Joynt | | Art in South Africa
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International dialling Cell: +2773 204 5334

The inherent parallels between the physical thing I am depicting in a painting and the process of depiction fascinate me. My method is intuitive, one of discovery, as I explore the cycles of building up and breaking down both in painting and in nature. The accumulation of layers of paint is reminiscent of the slow build up of, for example, rocks and lichens. Similarly, dissolving paint is like the gradual erosion of land by wind and water over time.

I am intrigued by the substance of oil paint. Although paint dries, it retains its sense of flow and movement. Paint flows, erodes, bleeds, branches, drips and congeals. It's like a living thing. The multiple layering of paint allows the process to be visible and gives a sense of the time spent.

While cycles of creation and destruction are evident within nature, nature itself is in a precarious position due to global warming. It's future is decided seemingly at the whim of powerful people. The titles of my paintings indicate their intention. A recent painting, "Perfect Storm", refers to a combination of destructive factors leading to a crisis. "Dominion" relates to the problems around possession and control of land and the irony that ultimately nature is supreme and will have the final say.

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