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For the past two years I have been collecting fragments of images; intuitively selected and peripheral to the main action in the image. I have arranged them in books to document and examine the changing landscape. Our landscape is not the seamless idyllic panorama that is often presented. The fragments show the landscape in pieces; oil spilt, mine ravaged, flooded or burnt, littered and divided. Interspersed with these are image fragments of wings. Birds and insects represent a link between earth and sky and they are also indicators of the state of our environment.

The watercolours, oils and drawings on this exhibition are all based on these books which I refer to in trying to find the often obscure patterns that connect images: in rivers, in nets, in space, organisms, political systems etc.

The contradiction of attempting to find order in chaos is expressed by Arthur L. Loeb:

The physical is inherently entropic, giving off energy in ever more disorderly ways… The metaphysical is anti entropic… It sorts out and endeavours to understand.

I have become a compulsive sifter and selector of images, which I manipulate with paint and by juxtaposition. This need to fix things, to pin them down and chart them is an attempt to extract significance.


Arthur L. Loeb in the Preface to Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking by Richard Buckminster Fuller