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Taalmonument (Language monument) 2012 | President Pretorius Museum, Potchefstroom

Taalmonument, was an installation that deconstructed elements of Afrikaans history. The work visually deconstructed a well known monument that commemorates Afrikaans in Paarl, South Africa.

The silhouette of the monument were created through hanging recycled light bulbs filled with famous Afrikaans poems and salt. The salt were used as a metaphorical means to cleanse Afrikaans from stigmas and stereotypes that were created during the Apartheid years in South Africa.

Around this installation, eleven light panels were hung. Theses panels contained graphic prints pertaining the names of the first Afrikaans people that lived in Cape Town. These copies made from original registries housed in the national archives, contain valuable information with regards to the initial Afrikaans women. For example that many were non European, slaves, or from orphanages.

The work attempted to create a new Afrikaans monument through reference made to the real mothers of Afrikaans.

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