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Transience (in monochrome)

I relish in destroying images in order to create aged yet futuristic dreamlike visions.

Destruction naturally breeds creation and, in creating, we often destroy.

Misplaced objects and imagery of ambiguous symbols of hope and despair, are sometimes deliberately broken down or abstractly placed, but chaotically organised, in order to create patterns that allude to the transitory nature of our existence and that of our planet.

Different perspectives are offered to the original scene with the potential for the viewer to associate with and to question such symbols within his/her own frames of reference.

Transience is a portfolio of a series of digital pigment prints, composed from photographic images taken by the artist, then further broken down into monochromatic prints, and categorised into each of the 5 basic elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space, illustrative of man’s nature to organise, categorise and control, but also of the transitory balance that naturally exists in the places we occupy.

Each monochrome print emphasizes different symbolic references to the original and in itself, explores the medium of photography as used in its very basic form at the outset of its development.


Day’s pleasure became the Night’s discards
Highway’s arena turned Vulture’s nest
My sanctuary, your asylum of discontent,
And your delight, my threat
when seduction waned in Solitude’s web.

Distracted headlights, ensnared in greed
Undergrowth of terror, overgrown in bliss
Twirling data swaying through the Lion’s den
When kindness derailed
and sandcastles dissipate into ether’s mesh;

Knowledge imbibed from squandering sea shells
Feeding thoughts, building judgment, starving my stomach;
Discards desecrate my psyche, and fabricate your temples
But sprouts emerge to swathe the lesion
When muddy shores exhale the toxic breath
of solitary Emptiness.

© Tanisha Bhana – Mar 2012
(For the works, Discards (1-3), and Pacaya (3) from the portfolio, Transience)


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