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Specialist artist portfolios from throughout South Africa

Angus Taylor
Well-known sculptor working in a variety of choice materials
Anton Smit
Self-taught sculptor known for his monumental sculptures and installations
Lothar Bottcher
Glass Sculptor
Alan Ainslie
Wildlife artist
Alastair Barnes
Artist and sculptor
Boniface Chikwenhere
Unique driftwood creations
Creative concepts by Corlene F
Painted canvas and metal into unique works of art by Corlene Furstenberg
Danie de Jager
Homage to Sculptor Danie de Jager (1936-2003)
Dietmar Wiening
Bronze sculptor of marine life and birds
Dragana Jevtovic
Ceramics, pottery and crockery
Francois Viljoen
Artist and Art teacher. South African artist now living in Southern part of the Black forest, Germany. Sculptures in Bronze, Ceramic and Resin. Work also in oil, acrylic, charcoal, wire, and other.
Gert Swart
Heinrich Filter
Sculptor of Wildlife in Silver & Bronze
Jaco Sieberhagen
Silhouette sculptor
Janko de Beer
A South African artist and practising advocate of law based in Cape Town, South Africa.
Jenny Nijenhuis
Works in sculpture, photography and installation art.
Joanna Tomkins
In her ceramic sculptures, Joanna Tomkins likes to observe and imitate the magical forms and contrasts gifted by the organic shapes of wild flora and fauna.
Johannes du Plessis
Sculptor and painter. Johannes revealed in his artworks, not on the artistic value of the visible but also of what remains beyond that.
Lucas Sithole
Homage to Lucas Sithole (1931-1994), one of South Africa's well known sculptors
Marina Walsh
Sculptor and sculpture teacher
Mark O'Donovan
South African vacant land paintings which are crass and messy in detail but astoundingly evocative from a distance. Sculpture works on commission.
Matthew Ziranek
Multi-media artist. Mostly oil on canvas recently, but also sculpture work and digital work.
Nathan Vuuren
Johannesburg based artist who paints, draws, and makes prints and sculptures.
Paul Stein
Abstract metal sculpture
Sheena Ridley
Sheena Ridley`s oils, pastels and sculptures are of an idiosyncratic style.
Stephanie Bester
Paintings and Sculptures
Stephen Rautenbach
Sculptor exploring a fascination with dynamics of movement, light and composition.
Tienie Pritchard
One of the most prominent sculptors in South Africa
Veronika Olivier
Contemporary multidisciplinary artist known for her eclectic, intuitive and fearless expressions.
Wian Hattingh
South African contemporary expressionist painter and sculptor.

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