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Two Solo Exhibitions

1 December 2021

99 Loop is pleased to present two new solo exhibitions by Chris Denovan and Mboma. Chris Denovan presents his 10th solo exhibition entitled Escape Island Right Now! Exhibiting for the first time at 99 Loop, Mboma presents Drum Boys & Pondo, two recent bodies of digital work. 
Chris Denovan | Escape Island Right Now!
Emerging from the miasma of the pandemic, Chris Denovan invites you to search beyond your isolated cave, where X marks the spot on an imagined map.Escape Island Right Now! acts as a vessel on which the artist asks you to climb aboard and set off on a voyage to a new world, a better world, a fantasy island paradise. Denovan demonstrates his skill as a painter in this new body of mixed media works. Drawing inspiration from ancient mythologies and the vibrance of tropical scenes, Denovan delicately pairs the symbolistic appeal of figuration and still life, with gesturally focused abstraction. In doing so, he aligns the rich textural compositions, creating a world where surrealist optimism ignites and uplifts you from out of your sorrows.
Mboma | Drum Boys & Pondo
Displayed in public for the first time are Drum Boys and Pondo, two recent bodies of work by Mboma. In these series of digital works, the artist introduces us into a consciousness and introspection of the angst of addiction and the historiography of black South Africa. Mboma’s execution of style informs aspects of loneliness, dejection and dream states, calling reference to recognisable iconography from both social, literary, and art history Pondo is a short visual essay that explores the theme of addiction and its relationship to the passing of time and the deterioration of the body. The subjects of the works are “Nyaope Boys” as they are widely referred to in most South African townships. Drum Boys acts as a heartfelt tribute to the literary giants and original black pop-culture pioneering icons of Sophiatown and South Africa’s literary scene at large. The series documents the lives of “TheDrumBoys” as they were affectionately known during the apartheid regime.

Participating: Chris Denovan and Mboma


Address: 99 Loop Street (Cnr Church street)
Tel: 021 422 3766
Opening Times: Monday - Friday : 09:00 - 17:00. Saturday : 09:00 - 13:00.



Participating: Various artists

Opening: Thursday 7 July 2022 - 30 July 2022

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