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New Modernism

31 July 2021

Modernism is dead or is it? Is Postmodernism still alive? This exhibition questions the categories of Postmodernism and Modernism through a range of works exploring and decentring characteristics of the two art movements.. The works form part of a current vanguard of artists displaying new identities and frontiers. They express a need to present the Self in current context whilst simultaneously appropriating past sensibilities. Different technologies, materials and concepts are utilised in the works as quotations of both the modern and the postmodern.


Senzeni Marasela, Liberty Battson, Janine Allen, Palesa Motsomi


Address: 146 Penny's Way, Glenwood Village, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria
Cell: +27 83 271 2342
Business hours: Online gallery 24/7; special open hours as advertised; and by appointment.

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