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7 August 2021

Goodman Gallery is pleased to present 'conditions', Nolan Oswald Dennis' third solo exhibition with Goodman Gallery.
The exhibition presents a new series of works centered around the figure of the globe. Incorporating the shape into various configurations, Dennis presents different perspectives on our familiar world as a means toward imagining new possibilities.
"Within this burning planet has always existed another world, and the struggle to realise it," says Dennis. "The logic of colonial cosmology insists on the universality of the Western world: a planet rendered as private property, as social violence, as deliberate crisis. Occupying the same space and time as the colonial planet are other worlds. A planet rendered whole as indigenous land and life; a queer planet rendered just, feminist, socialist; a planet facing south, and east, and waterward. Altogether an ecology of black planets - a black cosmography (where black is a vector that opens toward hidden conditions of space and time).”
The spherical globe epitomises an idealised Western notion of the planet: seamless, smooth, unitary and knowable. Running alongside this view are the projected ideals of the colonial project in which the terrestrial globe served as the planning model of a world to be conquered, subdued, and exploited. 
In reality, the geometry of the globe is a more imperfect spheroid shape. In deviating from the prevailing platonic sphere by abstracting the classic colonial image of the globe, we move "closer to the shape of the actual planet. Which is to say the planet as a complex topological figure which emerges from and merges with the world it prefigures. Our task has always been to complicate that figure, to configure the planet in such a way that it can hold other worlds.”

Participating: Nolan Oswald Dennis


Address: 163 Jan Smuts Ave, Parkwood, Johannesburg
Tel: 011 788 1113
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Friday 09:30 - 17:30. Saturday 09:30 - 16h00.



Participating: Various artists

Opening: Friday 24 September 2021 at 11:00

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