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Cell: (+2783) 556 9798

I am fascinated by complexity in nature. Life exists in contrast with the laws of physics which hold that systems inevitably break down to reduced complexity. The theory of evolution contrasts with the creation story accepted by most religions, and this paradox has been my conceptual focus since 2007.

It is virtually impossible to find ‘the beginning’. Scientifically, the Big Bang was preceded by a singularity. This is the point at which all the laws of science break down. From a religious point of view, the Bible says that 'In the beginning was the Word'. The notion that the 'beginning 'was something abstract like a thought (or words) seems to be confirmed by the fact that algorithms can be used to ‘explain’ most systems or patterns in nature but cannot be written to describe abstract thought.

'The Word' has therefore become a metaphor for the intricate codes underlying all natural systems. In my work, I juxtapose both Biblical and secular philosophical writings against the patterns and systems of the natural world. Digital drawing facilitates a level of detail impossible to achieve by hand, and evokes the (often invisible) intricacies of natural systems. As the typing of each word is extremely time-consuming, I am only able to produce approximately 1 text work per year.

Vuleka Competition Winner

The Vuleka Conrad Theys 1st prize for 2023 shared with Wisdom Chithembethembe.

Flotsam and Jetsam Fragment II, Hand Embossed over Digital Typing.

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