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Adele van Heerden explores 'oceanic feeling' through water-landscapes
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Adele van Heerden explores 'oceanic feeling' through water-landscapes

Posted on 19 January 2023

In her new exhibition at 131 A Gallery titled "Oceanic", Adele van Heerden presents us with views of Cape Town's public beaches, tidal and municipal pools.

"Through my work I want to inspire a sense of calm and peace in times that offer many reasons to feel uncertain and anxious. Drawing on the observations and investigations that led me to produce these water-landscapes, my hope is to illicit a sense of appreciation for the important ecological, social, political and recreational role that water plays in our lives and to inspire further thought, dialogue and appreciation on the topic," says Van Heerden.

Adele van Heerden, Miller's Point, Ink and Gouache on Film, 84 x 1189cm

After suffering a hip condition that prevented long walks and runs, Van Heerden spent the summer of 2022 exploring pools as part of society's social, historical and political landscape. Her works engage with our interaction and connection with the natural environment around us and how spaces like Cape Town's municipal pools give us a way to connect with nature and each other.

The exhibition features 'snap-shots' from her daily travels of the human-made swimming pools of Long Street Baths and Newlands public pool juxtaposed with more natural environments of Miller's Point tidal pool and Clifton Fourth beach. "Despite their differences, however, tidal pools, municipal pools and beaches are all places of gathering, part of the 'social infrastructure' that contributes to the public life of the city and makes it possible for people to connect and build community," she adds.

The exhibition runs from 4 February until March 2023 at the 131 A Gallery in Cape Town. If you would like to view a catalog, contact the gallery at brett@131agallery.com. View more about Adele van Heerden at www.art.co.za/adelevanheerden and www.adelevanheerden.com.

Adele van Heerden, Long Street Baths, Ink and Gouache on Film, 42 x 60cm

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