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Classic artworks recreated with a modern twist in new exhibition at Youngblood Article Image

Classic artworks recreated with a modern twist in new exhibition at Youngblood

Posted on 13 April 2023

The exhibition, whimsically named, "Glued to the Classics", gives a new lease on life to six of the most famous paintings of all time making their appearance on the African continent as one collection. Pop art duo JooJ and That's Ash collaborated to recreate a collection of classic artworks by greats artists: Botticelli, Da Vinci, Hokusai, Klimt, Van Gogh and Vermeer.

"Glued to the Classics" launched recently to a welcoming crowd on First Thursday at Youngblood Africa Gallery in the heart of Cape Town. The amazing detail in the origami works had everyone gawking, while the funky neon lights got everyone talking, making this duo exhibition truly unique. Youngblood was humming, the atmosphere was electric and art enthusiasts were engaging with these artworks in an immersive way.

In a world gone crazy with climate activists gluing themselves to some of the most famous paintings ever created, these two local artists, working in their unique styles where gluing is essential, were unknowingly mirroring the protests in a positive way. The juxtaposition was palpable. The dichotomy of destruction versus creation was prevalent. All that was needed was curators with vision.

JooJ works in thousands of individually folded and painted origami butterflies. Graffiti artist, That's Ash, adds LED neon lights to his colourful work. Art Haus is where Ash and JooJ were introduced to each other by owner and curator Greg Lipton who then teamed up with Youngblood to create pure magic.

It all started when JooJ - a Guinness World Record holding origami artist for the largest origami display, so clearly he loves a challenge - was shown Van Gogh's Starry Night in fur. The interpretation in the work inspired him to visualise how this masterpiece could look in origami. He was convinced the most famous painting ever would truly aid in amplifying the movement of his butterflies. It took just under 12 months to complete the project.

Ash works in LED neon lighting, spray paint and airbrushing. The duo have created one piece together that is on display at Art Haus in the heart of Sea Point that favours pop art.

The exhibition runs until 28 April at the Youngblood, 70 - 74 Bree Street, Cape Town.

For further information follow the artist's Instagram jooj_art_ and thats__ash or for enquiries contact Greg on 082 786 2181 or email curator@arthausct.co.za.

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