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How does one sell video art? Article Image

How does one sell video art?

Posted on 24 November 2014

Over the years, mixed media including video art, has evolved in a fast and interesting way. My question is how does one sell video art and how would the art work be displayed in households if it was for private use?

- Michael Kalepe More

Hi Michael

Yes, when it comes to video art it is very difficult to imagine who and how these works would be displayed. It's a question that I have been asking for many years now and the best answer I can give in my opinion is that although video art is a fantastic way for artists to express themselves in a new and innovative way and perhaps great for impact purposes at competition level or as part of an exhibition, the average art collector is not going to invest in this form of art. The buyers that may invest are corporate collections.

Having said all of that I have to believe that perhaps the market will start seeing the importance of works of this nature and perhaps in time more people will start to buy video art. If one looks at the history of art works on paper, most investors in years gone by would prefer to buy paintings on canvas, feeling that works on paper were worth less that works on canvas. Today we see art works on paper fetching higher and higher prices on auctions. So trends do change, there is therefore hope that in time the same will be said for video art.

Sammy Muller (owner)
Art Lovers Gallery

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