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Johannesburg: The metaphorical kingdom in the work of Clement Mohale Article Image

Johannesburg: The metaphorical kingdom in the work of Clement Mohale

Posted on 13 May 2021

Clement Mohale is a South African contemporary artist whose work is vibrant and emotive. He uses a variety of mediums such as charcoals and pastels with a palette of basic colours to convey his ideas.

"I am inspired by daily lived experiences and challenges that I witness every day," explains Mohale. "My work portray the diverse culture of the African continent people as well as people I see who are trying to find a fit in a society that comes with it's own standard and ideals."

It is his use of a crown that makes his work stand out. Drawing from his own clan royal history, he uses its symbol as a metaphor for owning to your rights, having the power and the will to decide for the greater good. "The crown is symbolism of revisiting the lost but not forgotten history and thus perpuate the notion that power is derived from birthright", states Mohale.

Using the Johannesburg skyline as his metaphorical kingdom, Mohale revisits his ancestorial past with his current hopeful present.

For more of his artworks, follow him on Instagram.

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