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Chief Langalibalele - National Heritage Monument

Chief Langalibalele - National Heritage Monument

Langalibalele was the King of the amaHlubi, a tribe of KwaZulu-­-Natal. Langalibelele’s name literally means The sun is boiling hot. Langalibalele was born on the eve of the European Settler arrivals during a time of drought – it was believed that he would bring water to the lands of his people. In 1836, he took over the chieftainship of the amaHlubi after the murder of his brother Dlomo by the hands of the Zulu king (Dingane). Langalibalele’s life saw conflict with both the Zulu and the English Settlers, and he is remembered for the way in which he defended the birthrights of his people.

Langalibalele died in 1889, and was buried in the full honours befitting an amaHlubi King. His body was wrapped in Leopard skin and Ox hide and placed in a hollowed out tunnel under a rock. Eight clay pots of beer and eight slaughtered goats were left with the body. It was only recently that the burial site, which according to amaHlubi tradition is to remain a secret, was identified near Estcourt.

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