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Groblersdal Mall - The Ox and Dal Project

Groblersdal Mall - The Ox and Dal Project

The Ox has an intricate presence in our proudly South African heritage.

From the proud Nguni to the Afrikaans pioneers, all adventures embarked upon have been possible because of the ox. Oxen are integral to agriculture and are seen as a form of wealth. Small ox figurines were also popular as small toys for children – the journey of the imagination.

And now 32 Oxen find their home in Groblersdal. Some have unique sculptures on their backs. The brick and stone are bronze castings of actual pieces from the site of the mall pre-construction. The trophies remind us that we all have little dreamers within ourselves that need to play in order to remain vibrantly alive. The other objects that can be seen (the fruit, tractor tyre and pipe) pay homage to the farming community and rich soil of the town.

The history of the oxen paired with the innovative use of everyday objects creates an idea of new aged nostalgia. It is a part of the past that we carry with us into the future, a core sense of belonging that we hold within our hearts as we redefine who it is that we want to become.

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