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Artist Photo

Wen-Shu Lai, Aesthetics in William Kentridge's "Drawings for Projection" (2008)

Annandale Galleries, William Kentridge: Film Installation - Tide Table + Selected Rare Graphics (2007)

The University of Chicago News Office, Artist William Kentridge earns University of Chicago’s prestigious Rosenberger Medal (2006)

New York Times, William Kentridge: Film Installation - Tide Table + Selected Rare Graphics (2007)

The Austin Chronicle, William Kentridge: Weighing... and Wanting - by Nikki Moore (2006)

New York Art, Moral Minority: Why is the art world so drawn to William Kentridge? by Mark Stevens, February 2006

Deutche Guggenheim, William Kentridge Black Box/ Chambre Noir (2005)

Artnet, The Ethics Artist by Barbara Pollack (2004)

Artthrob, Zeno Writing by Sean O'Toole (2003)

Electronic Arts Intermix, Automatic Writing by William Kentridge - Included in Point of View: An Anthology of the Moving Image. (2003)

Columbia News, Drawing, Filmmaking, Theatre Are All Artist-in-Residence William Kentridge's Specialties by Kristin Sterling (2002)

Art in America, William Kentridge: Ghosts and Erasures - animated films by Leah Ollman, January 1999

Museum of Modern Art, World premiere of new animation by William Kentridge presented in projects series at the Museum of Modern Art (1999)

Lilian Tone, Interview: William Kentridge, Stereoscope by Lilian Tone (1999)

One People Voice, William Kentridge: Artist interview (1998)

Art Forum International, William Kentridge - The Drawing Center/Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (1998)

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