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Mind-Land-Scapes 2007 | Association of Arts Pretoria

Interpretations of the South African Landscape

Corné van Eck transforms her landscape photographs into multi-media collages. She creates mindscapes by elaborating on portions of photographic material. Oils, combined with beeswax, bitumen, grass, bark and soil translates South African images into works of art. Each material is processed in such a way that they serve the composition as a whole.

Corné says that nature is the ideal environment for reflection and that she experiences a different form of spiritual consciousness when turning to nature for inspiration. "When I seek a composition to photograph, I attempt to become part of the surroundings by contemplating the atmosphere that the landscape generates. The time of day, light fall and textures play a central role."

Corné's paintings reflect the South African scenery in all its moods: tranquil, majestic, austere and robust. "I am moved by the land’s vastness, its mountains, rock formations and domed skies."

Corné attempts to convince the viewer that the scenes she portrays are sacred places. She says that this, in itself, has symbolic value and can be seen as an expression of desolate land which is detached from society. "I endeavour to distance myself from the destructive influence that society's worldliness has on spirituality in general. Thus the absolute absence of civilization in my work."

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