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Sirens & Sailors 2015

A vessel for monochrome mark making

The subject matter in my work is mostly superficial but sometimes explores relationships and how we front our identity, it focuses on dialogue with others and oneself to digest divergence.

A recurring theme is how we burden ourselves by constantly striving for self improvement, rather than just 'being'. Mostly the viewer is shamelessly presented with unlikely truths, in an uncomfortable composition and expected to believe it.

I produce short print runs or once off pieces, by using a combination of commercial litho plates with drypoint etching or painting with toner powder then fusing it into the board.By combining traditional techniques or using a medium in an unorthodox manner, I can produce washes, solids and fine lines. This allows me to work negative and positive on the same piece with the finest nuances in all my marks.

The figurative becomes a vessel for mark making, and is mostly arbitrary, but never random.

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