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Fluttering leaves that discover the serpents uncoiled

rain on a mother’s bleeding breast

and awaken the Dead Eyes, drunk from stricken desire

but consumed by the atom split when panic feigned pleasure.

May Dragons enflame, and blossoms vomit ash

when fledglings encircle fences that unbind.

May the Woods entomb the glittering moonlit tanzanite

in a womb of intoxicated flesh.

And when hidden routes flood the borders

and Mortar holds only petals,

May soiled bones be forgiven

and the Soul be unbound.

Tanisha Bhana – 10 Dec 2011

Seemingly natural but improbable landscapes, re-scaled or saturated in colour, bring together layers of scenes that are separately possible at different points in time of the earth’s history.

The impermanence of our natural settings is portrayed in the face of both man’s attempt to organise and control our natural resources, as well as nature’s instinctive responses. Scenes of control and organisation are interposed with symbols of natural or man-made chaos, interrupting the viewer’s comfortable train of thought towards more questioning and perhaps fearful subconscious ideas.

Layers of photographic images taken by the artist are overlayed, saturated and broken down through digital media and interposed with misplaced objects, each paradoxically symbols of both hope and despair, offering different meanings to a dreamlike landscape.

This portfolio combines natural and man-made landscapes in transience, analogous to the social and environmental changes that we are experiencing. It aims to prompt internal questions of when does destruction and creation happen, and whether each can sometimes be misinterpreted for the other. It is an illustration of the natural paradox that both processes often transpire almost simultaneously. Earthly fires end current spaces to bring richly laden soil, which sparks seeds of life.

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