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Sometimes They Give

Sometimes they give, Sometimes they don't.

A series of drawings in pencil

Car guards, Parking Instructors, Parking Meter Attendants, Security Guards, Lapswaaiers, Car Watch.

These people occupy the lowest rungs of the entrepreneurial ladder; they manufacture no product, nor do they add value to one. This is a relatively new phenomenon, seemingly spawned by rising urbanization and unemployment.

Almost every roadside parking space, anywhere in the country is guarded by up to five people who swear that they will "Keep an eye" on your car. It is understood that if your vehicle is intact upon your return, you would give a small donation.

Some drivers are glad of the protection, while others would drive on to find a crowded parkade, rather than be "Pestered by beggars!"

These people are a fact of life, and the truth is that they will not go away until the economics of this country are such that they can find more stable employment.

Here are the stories of just a few of these men and women whose lives depend wholly on the generosity of others.

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