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Aspire 2014 | Multimedia Installation

Aspire, an installation of seven kinetic sculptures, represents six out of the nine incidents. During these six incidents my son had severe episodes of lung spasms caused by stomach acid that pushed up his esophagus. The acid were accidentally inhaled by my son while he was crying. At each of these moments I had to resuscitate him. Through the trauma experienced a new understanding was reached on the beauty and importance of breathing.

Essentially this is what the installation aims at representing. The shape of my son’s lungs at the time of these incidents was transformed into tree like reliefs reminiscent of the microscopic images of areolas. The leaves of these trees were made from x-rays taken of my son’s lungs in the months that followed. This acts as a reminder on the fragility of life, and the possibility of losing a life.

There are seven boxes on each a date is written. The first box represents the first breath my son took. The six that follows represents every time my son stopped breathing. These relief like works are all connected to pulse regulators which cause a fan to blow air over the leaves at intervals creating very subtle movements of the fragile leaves. Through this added dimension of movement the work refers to the experience of having my son connected to a lung machine while he was hospitalized.

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